System is directed to companies that organize international exhibitions and conferences with the necessary regulatory processes for data subscribers and visitors by classifications, along with the mutatis international conference or exhibition of reservations for hotels.

I.C.F System properties:

  •  It has general features of the web applications where it can be used anywhere and have    all points of activity on the internet  and does not require any capital costs to be its  application.
  • I.C.F system features is multi-users and easy to use, it has enjoy a high degree of safety and  protection of the hack.
  • Use the latest web technologies in the system implementation and the system has speed working on any internet way.
  •  The graphical interface is simple and uncomplicated aimed to easy to use.
  •  Flexibility and portability to add other requirements of the services on the system to be compatible with our clients’ needs.
  •  Complete electronic archive of each system output.
  •  The system is multi-language.
  •  Technical support and continuous assistance.


The main sections of the system:

  •  Data registration contract with an entity (the headquarters of the conference / exhibition).
  •  Registration characterization of (conference / exhibition) in its entirety to organize participants places.
  •  Participants data entry in the system database.
  •  Contracts is issued to customers automatically with saving in the electronic archive.
  •  Operations manage hotel reservations related to the conference or exhibition of a new book,
  •  Amended or canceled and send lists of names required its room to the hotels and the related

   Comprehensive reports.

  •  Customers statement accounts sheet management.
  •  Management and follow-up system for users.
  •  Reports of the direct costs for conferences and exhibitions by periods.
  •  Comprehensive and accurate reports variety.

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