Agaza for management internal tourism

Master vision is always seek to serve the tourism sector so we decided to present one of the most important web solutions that serve the whole tourism sector which is Agaza management system after a detailed, comprehensive and deep study from our professional team from web developers, designers and analyst. The project aims to manage the process of internal tourism sector without any problems that could face the owners of the companies and the Team work.

The advantages of the project:

- there is no need to be in your office to use the system . Agaza is an online system so you can use it by your mobile phone.

-Ability to control the users of the system

-High degree of security from hacking.

-User-friendly and clear to use

-Multiple users and High proficiency

-linking to all the company's branches

-Control to all the process of the passengers registration.

-Hotel's reservation

-Transportation (Flight-Buses-trains)

-Form and organize the packages

-Manage The sales process

-Make reports about the vault

-Following-up through making detailed and accurate reports about sales and accommodation

-save time and effort

-Manage the performance of the company

-Ensure the safety of the work flow

-Technical support                                       

The sections of the system:

-Flight, trains and Buses reservation

-Form the trip's packages


-Customer service

-Supervision to the Vault system

-Management the process of internal tourism  

we are Success Partner ... Not Only Service Provider

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