Master vision integrated solutions has participated in the international forum for religious tourism as the technical partner for the tourism sector

We provided a lot of web and digital marketing solutions which support and activate the cycle of the tourism sector in order to save time, efforts and money

Beside, our campaigns (E-marketing for only one pound per day) and (11 more than a number) gained a lot of admiration from all the participants and visitors.and we sincerely would thank all them of for visiting our partition.

Within the two days of the forum we presented more than 11 products and more than 11 services in the field of software technology and digital marketing such as:

Dar El-umra online system: manage the operations of religious tourism.

Dar El-Haj system: manage the operations of Haj

Agaza system: manage the operations of domestic tourism 

Mas system: manage the operations of accounting (suppliers, partners and cash)

E-Travel gate website: include all the offers and packages of tourism companies  

(Haj, umrah, Domestic tourism, outgoing Tourism …..)

Umrah online website: Haj and umrah packages

AgazaBook website: Your gate to travel. Marketing for all the domestic, outgoing tourism packages and online booking system (Hotels and flights)

Master vision …..We are success partner, not only service provider   





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