Master vision integrated solutions has invited the most important tourism campanies and the most well known Businessmen to attend the Seminar of launching E-Travel Gate website on 20 December at safir hotel, crestal hall
As we see nowdays that E-tourism is the best solution for reducing the crisis which dominated the tourism sector , so Master vision company decided to launch E-Travel Gate website in attempt of terminate the disappointment in the tourism sector.
Mr.walid elkilany , the founder and the general manager of master vision company has provided the attendees. with the detailed illustration of E-travel gate website and clarifying the most important advantages of the project which are :
     1-Complete Tourism website for your company    
     2-Online reserving of the packages    
     3-Online hotels system
     4-Online flight system
And he also honored El-Fagar and El-wessam tourism company. For being the first two companies whom realizing the importance of the website, so they contracted immediately.
As a result , The seminar has witnessed a great success and admiration from all the attendees.


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