Social media marketing

Social media platform nowadays become the most important tool in marketing because it has a huge database of customers communicating with each other’s and expressing their interest and opinions.
Wherefore, business owner believes that social media is the best solutions to establish their awn identity in the customer brains (positioning).

What are the social media platforms?
1-    Facebook
2-    Instagram
3-    Twitter
4-    Youtube
5-    Linkedin
6-    Snapchat

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

1-    Establish your unique identity in the market and in the customers brains
2-    Awareness, make the clients aware of your services and products and take a place between your competitors.
3-    Identify your audience through their (interests – gender- age – location)
4-    Presents your services and products in a creative way 
5-    Easy to contact
6-    Make a strong relationship with your customers and listen to their complains and reviews 
7-    Create a strong data base customer from social media users
8-    Increase sales and profits because we reach to the target audience directly 
9-    Low coast in comparison to the offline marketing

Steps of Managing social media pages:

Digital marketing team in our company will provide you with a detailed marketing plan that contains these points:
1-    Study the market and the competitors  
2-    Analyze strength & weakness points 
3-    Threats that you may face
4-    Available Opportunities to develop
5-    Select the suitable platforms for your business
6-    Current situation for your pages 
7-    Timeline for all the secluded posts
8-    Timeline for all the sponsored campaign 
9-    Daily follow-up
10-    Monthly report to clarify the achievements

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