One of the first things that you should think of it when you take the decision to create a website for your company is the name of the website.

The Domain is the address when the internet users can access your website 

It should be : 
1-    Easy, short, simple 
2-    Suitable for your business field 
3-    Available and not used by any other companies 


The last letters of any domain refer to:
.com : abbreviation of the word commercial ( it refers to the companies in general )

.gov : an abbreviation of Government ( it refers to a governmental organization ) 

.edu: an abbreviation of education ( it refers to educational organization )

.org: an abbreviation of organization (it refers to a nonprofit organization ) 

.mil: an abbreviation on military ( it refers to a military organization)

.net: an abbreviation of network (it refers to an commercial organization)

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