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More than 11 services in programming and Digital marketing

Our services:

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Web Applications
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Domain
  5. Hosting
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Search Engine optimization
  8. B2B Applications
  9. B2C Applications
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Branding
  12. Networking
  13. IT Consultations


More than 11 technological product that serve a lot of fields Specially The tourism Sector


  1. Dar El-Omra online (omra & Hajj management system)
  2. Dar El-Hajj online (omra & Hajj management system)
  3. Agaza System (internal tourism management )
  4. E-Travel Gate
  5. Agaza Book (B2B and B2C Travel System )
  6. 3omra online (hajj& omra packages)
  7. 4omra.com directory (First directory for everything related to Hajj and omra in the Middle East)
  8. MAS (Master Accounting System)
  9. TMS Transportation Management system
  10. Akhnaton is an integrated system for incoming tourism management
  11. Wakeely online is an integrated management system in booking procedures for each of the hotels and buses

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