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  • Ajr directory

The site seeks to gain the pleasure of God, getting the reward from Allah and achieve the charitable goals of society and radical reform for accomplishing sustainable independency and a decent life for everyone. those goals can be achieved by using methods that are distinguished from other sites, where we aim that the visitor feels the complete initiative by knowing its details and reasons as well as by finding new solutions for it, where the services of site were managed to make the subscriber feels the full affiliation as one of the site team and a member of its committee so that the visitor can consider himself as not only the owner of site, but also the responsible for the charity initiatives, and he can see a clear image for the distribution of society initiatives of the surplus, deficiencies and the marginalized issues by browsing the available categories, information and maps to carry out his charitable plan in a proper way which balances the needs of society. the site also makes the things to be easy for the needy people, where the needy person can take less time and effort to advertise his issue on the private or the public or by using Ajir services to send his issue to all the associations that support his case so that he can be guided by finding solutions from the existed information and from the efforts of the committee team and subscribers.

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